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Universal Dishwasher Cutlery Basket



Universal Dishwasher Cutlery Basket with fold down handle is ideal for extra cleaning capacity at busy times or as a replacement to a worn-out basket. Suitable for most 45cm and 60cm dishwashers.

Space saving

Clever modular cutlery basket with detachable compartments and a fold-away handle prevents interference with the spray arm


Extra capacity

Take the stress out of additional cleaning and enjoy extra cleaning capacity in busy meal-times or replace a worn-out or damaged basket.


Clever cutlery organisation

Make cleaning and packing away quicker and easier with organised cutlery. No more cutlery sliding through the cracks to the dishwasher floor. Simply lift and carry straight to your cutlery drawer for quick and easy storage.


Use in place of a cutlery drawer

A great substitute to the top cutlery drawer if you prefer a traditional basket that you can pick up and take to your bench top when packing away cutlery.


Anti-nesting cleaning

Large capacity to hold up to 78 cutlery pieces when using the anti-nest cutlery cover/s.


Suitable for most brands

The cutlery basket is suitable for most branded dishwashers.

Suitable Brands



Domestic warranty details (yrs) : 1

Product Relates to : Dishwasher

Install, Perform, Care : Perform

Accessory Other Features : Quick & easy installation, Dishwasher cleanable, Universal, Suitable for models from most brands, Detachable compartments, Modular design, Fold-down handle, Suits most 45cm & 60cm dishwashers, Convenient carry basket