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Universal Dryer Venting Kit - Through Wall



Universal Accessory. Enjoy cleaner, fresher air in your laundry. For standard size clothes dryer outlets of 100mm. Suitable for most brands. Unilux is also part of the Electrolux family of brands so you can be assured of its quality and reliability.

Enjoy cleaner, fresher air in your laundry

Moist air is directed outside of the laundry space, helping to prevent mildew on your walls and avoid unpleasant odours.


Dust free laundry

Lint and fluff is captured through the vent during your laundry cycles to prevent them entering your laundry air.


Quiet machine operation

Maximum exhaust air flow is achieved with the 3 louvred vent hood, meaning your machine operates quieter.


Hassle-free drying

Clever through-the-wall ducting design offers peace of mind, allowing you to keep doors and windows closed while using your dryer.


Premium venting

Made with premium quality expandable aluminium venting, rest assured it will be a lasting venting solution.


Suitable for most brands

Designed to fit most dryers with a standard 100mm diameter outlet.


Quick and easy to install*

Easy and efficient installation process. With minimal tools and assistance required. *You may require lifting assistance.

Tips & Tricks

Minimises noise and vibration during machine operation

To avoid personal injury, use correct equipment and ask for assistance when moving and lifting appliances

Suitable Brands

Electrolux ELine


Quick Guide Download

Domestic warranty details (yrs) : 1

Product Relates to : Dryer

Install, Perform, Care : Install

Accessory Other Features : Flexible hose, Universal, Suitable for models from most brands, May require assistance moving appliances when installing