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Dryer Balls, 3 Pack


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Universal Accessory. The dryer balls contain specially designed nodes to physically breakdown the stiffness created by water drying in fabric, thus softening the laundry without the introduction of toxic chemicals. The balls work in combination to lift an

Specially designed nodes on the surface of the dryer balls work to physically breakdown the stiffness of the fabric created during the drying process. This results in softer fabric without the need for any harsh chemicals and softening agents.


The dryer balls retain the heat generated in the drying process and transfer this heat to the clothes as they tumble, which aids in the drying process, making drying quicker.

Tips & Tricks

When using clothes dryer balls, the level of noise may increase slightly during operation, particularly if the dryer is not full.

Not a Toy. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

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Domestic warranty details (yrs) : 1

Product Relates to : Dryer

Install, Perform, Care : Perform

Accessory Other Features : Faster drying,Non-toxic,Reuseable,Hypo allergenic