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Activated Carbon Rangehood Filter 2-Pack


Universal Activated Carbon Rangehood Filter 2-Pack is designed to capture odour, oils and grease released during cooking and prevent them from being directed back into the kitchen. Suitable for selected Westinghouse and Chef Rangehoods.

Suitable brands:
Chef, Electrolux, Simpson, Westinghouse
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Activated Carbon Rangehood Filter 2-Pack (ULX251)

Key Features



Cook in Comfort

Let your range hood do all the work so you can enjoy cleaner, fresher air in your kitchen.


Keep kitchen airborne pollutants at bay with activated carbon

The activated carbon contained in the filter works to capture odours, oils & grease released whilst cooking, preventing them from entering the kitchen. Keeping your air flow fresher for longer.


Genuine range hood filter replacement

Carbon filter made specifically for selected Westinghouse and Chef range hoods


Easy quarterly replacement for optimal performance

It is recommended that you replace your filter every 3-4 months, or as required, depending on the style and frequency of cooking.


Quick and easy filter installation

It's as simple as 'twist and replace' with your new replacement filter.

Tips & Tricks

It is recommended to change your filters regularly, every 3-4 months, depending on the amount and style of cooking.
Saturated filters can restrict airflow and the performance of your rangehood.
Replacement carbon filter for model ARCFD
Always follow the instructions from the manufacturer for your model.


Domestic warranty details (yrs)
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Install, Perform, Care
Accessory Other Features
Quick & easy installation, Model specific - check for compatibility, Remove cooking odours and oil particles
Compatible Models
CRF610SA, CRF610WA, REHR6S, REHR6W, RFD602S, RFD602W, RFD902S, RFD902W, RHN6S, RHN6W, RHN9S, RHN9W, RRE634S, RRE634W, ... RRE635S, RRE635W, RRE934S, RRE934W, WRF610SA, WRF610WA, WRF613SA, WRF613WA, WRF910SA, WRF910WA, WRF913SA, WRF913WA, WRH605IS, WRH605IW, WRH608IS, WRH608IW, WRH908IS, WRH908IW, WRJ600UK, WRJ600US, WRJ600UW, WRJ603UW, WRJ611US, WRJ900US, WRJ900UW, WRJ903UK, WRJ903UW, WRJ911US, WRR614SA, WRR614WA, WRR914SB, WRR614SB, WRR904SB, WRR604SB, CRR612SB, CRR612WB
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Compatible PNCs
94200112300, 94200112400, 94200112500, 94200112600, 94200112900, 94200113000, 94200113800, 94200113900, 942001142, ... 95600216100, 95600216200, 956002186, 956002187, 956002190, 956002191, 956002192, 956002193, 956002194, 956002195, 956002196, 956002197, 956004082
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